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Do you have spam you want to report?
If you want to report abusive behavior, you need to report it to the system where the abuse originated.
Do not send copies of spam to any of the addresses on this page.
Do not send reports of intrusion attempts to any of the addresses on this page.
Do not send anything other than new and updated domain contact
information to any of the addresses on this page. Abuse.net is not the network police; we do not want and cannot use copies of your spam. If, nonetheless, you send spam to us, we will treat it same as spam from anywhere else and complain to your Internet provider.
So don't do that.
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Submitting new or updated entries for the contact database
Although the abuse.net contact database contains hundreds of thousands of entries, that's only a tiny fraction of the millions of domains that exist. If you know contact info for a domain that's not listed, or you have reason to think that an existing entry is wrong, please send it along so we can update the database. Updated info for a domain will replace the current database entry for the domain.
Mail new and updated contact info only to update@abuse.net. Please set your mail program to send plain text rather than formatted or HTML mail, since the formatting often defeats our system's ability to decode it. (If you have a question, comment, or anything other than contact information, please see the abuse.net home page.)
The format our system understands is the name of the domain, a colon, and the reporting address(es), all on one line separated by spaces:

example.com: abuse@example.com
example.org: jonp@example.com postmaster@example.net

You can send info for as many domains as you want in a single message. If there's more than one contact address for a domain, we send copies of mail to all of them. Don't use commas or mailto: URLs or any other extra punctuation. The entry for a domain automatically includes subdomains so if the contact info for, say, mail.example.com is the same as for example.com do not send separate entries.
Please say if you're providing info on domains you're responsible for, or for ones you've researched. If the connection between a domain you've researched and the contact isn't obvious, tell us how you found it. If you send updates in the format described above, they will usually be processed automatically and added to the database within a few hours. Otherwise they will be handled manually when we have time. We manually review the automatic submissions as well, and undo the bogus ones.
When our information for a domain comes from other than the domain's management or upstream ISP, we forward messages to the listed address(es) as well as to postmaster@domain, on the theory that postmaster remains the standard contact address unless the domain owner tells us otherwise.
Please send only entries for domains, not numeric IP addresses. We keep no database of IP addresses, so info about IP addresses is discarded.
It is not necessary to register at abuse.net to submit entries for the database, and registration does not affect the contact database in any way. Database listings are provided without charge, and we neither solicit nor accept contributions.

Note to E-mail service providers and consultants: You are welcome to submit contact information about your clients, but you must submit it in the form described on this page so it can be processed automatically.